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MM is a singer / songwriter of French and English pop music songs, author and producer of the international Pop Languages ​​program.

MM is a naïve artist, ageless, curious about everything, humorous, tirelessly positive, who "walking alongside her shoes but always falling back in her shoes" is led to collaborate with Laurent Voulzy and many others Musicians of talent, to record at the famous “Château d’ Herouville” and the studios Davout, among others ...

Her naivety and candor take her on the roads of the world, from Ouagadougou to Saarbrück and the States, then she settles in Paris where, by writing her sweet melodies and positive lyrics full of love, she transforms the banality into Precious things, full of poetry.

Her singularity makes her a character that can only be loved, unique, dazzled by her humor and presence that turns poverty into wealth.

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